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Oh hello there! I am a freelance illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I graduated in 2019 from Edinburgh College in Illustration and Visual Communications.

My work and illustrations are inspired by unique people, movement and feelings. As you can see I adore colour and will use this in digital work to textured drawing. I find myself continuously discovering and exploring new techniques and currently love working in gouache, watercolour and pencil, that I often piece together digitally. 

Chiara Celini illustration is a space in which I've grown a passion and love for capturing the every day moments of life...

Communicating thought provoking messages through visuals is why I chose this career path. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe so... 

As my career and skills continue to adapt, I find my work broadening; reaching out to people from different backgrounds and age groups.

Currently living in the small hustling, bustling city that is Edinburgh, everything I make is created in the comfort of my own little studio space, that I call home.