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Chiara Celini, visual storyteller, illustrator, freelance illustrator, lettering artist, picturebook illustrator

Chiara Celini x Stewart Brewing

packaging designer

Let's work together...

I adore working with others. From product and packaging to publishing and murals, I aim to create illustrations with a deeper purpose. Need your ideas filtered down into some clear visuals? 

freelance illustrator, edinburgh illustrator, scottish illustrator, uk based illustrator
window mural artist

Chiara Celini is an illustrator and visual storyteller    

Her vision is to capture a feeling or essence of an idea in uplifting and timeless visuals. She strongly believes in creating with purpose and inclusivity... 


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Always looking for ways to connect to my community, I created a newsletter that covers everything from being in a creative career to helpful reminders, inspiration and more. 

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