Oh hello there! I am a freelance illustrator and artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
I graduated in 2019 from Edinburgh College in Illustration and Visual Communications.

My work and illustrations are inspired by unique people, movement and feelings. I draw a huge focus to topics that society deem as taboo. I have a vision to create refreshing, timeless visuals that can be used for a range of clients; from marketing, product design and publications. 

In my time as a freelancer i've grown a passion and love for capturing the every day moments of life, through playful characters, patterns and colours...

Communicating thought provoking messages through visuals is why I chose this career path. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe so... 

It's through my art work that I have not only grown as a creative and business, but as a person. It's given me the ability to connect with people worldwide and share my story, simply through the power of a pencil and paper....(and some paint, my iPad.. okay, a lot of materials).

Interested in working together?