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Chiara Celini studio illustration
Hello, I'm Chiara, an illustrator and visual storyteller. 

The past few years, I've been fortunate enough to work on a variety of exciting projects, partnering with small businesses and large organisations alike.


From patterns and products, to publications and cover designs, I specialise in creating uplifitng visuals that capture the clients vision, story or brand through inclusive character designs and unique illustrations.

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Capturing the people, places and stories of our planet...

I want to build something that offers authenticity in an increasingly opaque time. By continuing to develop a creative practice that aims to avoid trends and instead, champions representation through dynamic, refined and timeless visuals.


This transparent, value driven approach allows for adaptability, offering longevity and a more sustainable outcome for every client.

Window mural artist, illustrated windows, window illustrator, freelance illustrator

Chiara has created several beautiful illustrations for The Happy Newspaper and it's always a pleasure to work with her. Not only is her artwork brilliant, but she always follows the brief and produces work on time. Chiara is quick to respond to our messages and always a joy to chat to.

Zabby Allen - The Happy Newspaper Editor

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FeLLow OverthiNkers This Way...

Always looking for ways to connect to my community, I created a newsletter that covers everything from being in a creative career to helpful reminders, inspiration, resources and more. 

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noTEs FRom An

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