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Hello, I'm Chiara, an illustrator and visual storyteller. 

Working as a freelance illustrator, I continue to have one main objective - create with purpose. I truly believe that in a crowded market, creative arts should be thought through and play a larger role of significance and value for the client, the customer and the artist themselves.  

This is key to me. Going into any project with this mindset has allowed me to create work that not only resembles the client, but also allows audiences to feel heard and included. 

They say a picture is worth a thousands words - I certainly believe so.

Connecting with a community and really understanding cultures is the backbone to my illustrations. Without this, I wouldn't receive messages from individuals feeling understood, seen and included. To me observing the smaller moments of life is where inspiration can be found and developed into something bigger for a wider audience.

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Chiara has created several beautiful illustrations for The Happy Newspaper and it's always a pleasure to work with her. Not only is her artwork brilliant, but she always follows the brief and produces work on time. Chiara is quick to respond to our messages and always a joy to chat to.

Zabby Allen - The Happy Newspaper Editor


FeLLow Over ThiNkers This Way...

Always looking for ways to connect to my community, I created a newsletter that covers everything from being in a creative career to helpful reminders, inspiration, resources and more. 


noTEs FRom An
OvEr ThiNkeR

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