Oh hello there! I am a freelance illustrator and artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
I graduated in 2019 from Edinburgh College in Illustration and Visual Communications.
My work tends to be inspired by literally everything around me. People, places, objects. Even if society deems something as mundane or taboo, I try to put a twist on it. In doing so it’s allowed me to create work that people can relate to. That’s key to me. Creating work that allows a community to feel connected and included, is more important than following an unsustainable trend. 

In my time as a freelancer i've grown a passion and love for capturing the every day moments of life, through playful characters, patterns and colours...


Communicating thought provoking messages through visuals is why I chose this career path. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe so... 

I try to apply this outlook into everything I create. Communicating and understanding people, is why I’ve been able to work with various clients to produce visuals that are uplifting, refreshing and fun.

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