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So lovely to find you here! Let's get working shall we... 

I love working with others! Particularly those who have a passion for adding more creativity to this world and value the work of creatives such as myself. Do you have a project in need of a little pizzazz, concise visuals and inclusive illustrations? 

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How to hire a freelance illustrator... 
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First, drop me an email outlining the main objectives of the project, your budget and any other information you feel is relevant (the more information the better). 


Once we've outlined the project objectives, price quote and usage, we'll establish our terms of agreement. Now it's time to get this show on the road...

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Character line drawing

This is where the fun begins. I love building connections. It helps me get your message across. I will send you sketches and concept decks, where we will brainstorm and work together to find a solution. 


Et voilà! You have your shiny new visuals to tell your story, build your brand, launch your product, publish your book... you get the gist! 
Let's get started...

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